Wisdom Teeth Removal

Getting your wisdom teeth out is a big decision.

With age comes wisdom. Specifically, wisdom teeth! At Kingsgrove Dental we perform wisdom teeth removal upon recommendation or request.

Sometimes it is necessary and at other times it is a preventative measure. Wisdom teeth removal is very common, learn more about why they are removed, and how we do it.

Your wisdom teeth sit at the very back of your mouth. They are a bit larger than your molars. Wisdom teeth often do not appear until a person’s late teens or early twenties. They are a very strong and sturdy type of molar.


These teeth were once useful in prehistoric times. They helped in grinding foraged foods like roots, or tough meat that would break or wear away the more delicate teeth at the front of your mouth. Wisdom teeth are less useful now and they pose more of a burden to people in modern times.

Wisdom teeth often can cause pain in the years they take to fully erupt. They can crowd your jawline, grow sideways and lead to infection.

Why should I get my wisdom teeth removed?

Most people’s wisdom teeth begin to grow in their teen years, but they are not developed until the early to mid-twenties. You can get your wisdom teeth removed at any age. It is best to do it before they become a problem.

Reasons why we extract wisdom teeth

People do not have to have anything wrong with their wisdom teeth when they choose to remove them. Wisdom teeth extraction is often done as a preventative procedure. Wisdom teeth can cause a lot of damage in the mouth depending on their condition and their position.

This is because they are very difficult to clean and often completely or partially covered with gum tissue. This combination is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria that can accumulate over time or gets worse in times of stress, when your immune system is weaker.

For this reason, many people choose to remove them, so they do not have to deal with the various consequences.


Wisdom teeth can crowd your other teeth

As we mentioned, one of the main reasons why people have their wisdom teeth removed is because they can crowd your other teeth. Wisdom teeth erupt much later than other adult teeth.

You can have a full set of teeth that appear perfectly aligned, but once wisdom teeth erupt, they can cause crowding of your other teeth. This can be bad, especially if you have suffered from misaligned teeth in the past.

If you do not remove your wisdom teeth in a case like this, you risk having a crooked smile, or overcrowded teeth.

Wisdom teeth are hard to clean

Your dentist can clean your teeth, but not everyone has the dental tools needed for a professional cleaning every day. Electric toothbrushes have made it easier to gauge whether you are cleaning your teeth thoroughly. But with wisdom teeth, they are so far back in your mouth that, even with a toothbrush, they can gather plaque.

They can be very hard to reach with dental floss. People choose to have their wisdom teeth removed in this case because a lack of cleaning can lead to infections and tooth decay. This will often go unnoticed until the tooth becomes sore.

Wisdom tooth infection

Besides being hard to reach, wisdom teeth often do not fit on a person’s jaw line. Due to this crowding, it can lead to more serious problems.

Often a small piece of gum tissue gets left behind on the partially emerging wisdom tooth. Food and bacteria can collect here and cause infection and even abscessing. The bacteria causing your infection can also spread to other parts of your body.

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Interested in wisdom teeth removal?

This procedure can be arranged at our dental surgery, while you are awake with local anaesthetic. You can also choose to have the surgery performed under general anaesthetic at a hospital.

Our staff can arrange either the in-clinic local anaesthetic wisdom teeth removal, or the in-hospital general anaesthetic removal. Our dentist will be happy to provide the in-clinic or the in-hospital surgery for you.


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