Root Canal Therapy

A tooth can often be saved through root canal therapy.

Root canal therapy is a sequenced treatment for the nerve of the tooth in order to eliminate infection and to protect the tooth from further bacterial attacks.

Root Canal Treatment Procedure:

  • First – The nerve tissue, blood vessels, and other cells are removed from within the roots of the teeth.
  • Second – The roots of the teeth are cleaned and shaped with a filer, some of which are attached to specialised machinery. The root canals are also irrigated with disinfecting solutions.
  • Third – The root canals are filled with inert filling such as gutta percha and a cement to seal them off from future bacterial attacks.

After the root canal treatment

After the root canal therapy, the tooth will be ‘dead’. If the infection spread at the root apex, root apex surgery (apicectomy) may be required. The root canal treatment is painless and sometimes several appointments are required to properly clean and seal the roots.

After root canal treatment, the tooth loses all of its natural hydration from the nerve and blood vessels and becomes very brittle. This can make a tooth more prone to fracture, especially if the tooth is a molar, where most of the biting forces are concentrated.

For this reason, dentists commonly recommend a crown to protect teeth that have undergone root canal treatment.


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