Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening‎ with a caring & experienced dental team.

Thinking of teeth whitening? Think Kingsgrove Dental. We have helped brighten hundreds of smiles since we first started teeth whitening in 1995.

We are one of the most experienced providers of dental whitening in Australia and we offer two different brands – Zoom and Pola.

Our teeth whitening packages are very competitively priced . These packages include in-chair and home kits combined. We also offer these as separate services depending on your requirements.


We welcome you to attend a Free Teeth Whitening Assessment where we can explain your options and give you an indication of your suitability for teeth whitening.

How teeth whitening works?

Dental whitening works by using high quality, concentrated bleaching agent which is complemented by the use of ultraviolet light. The bleaching agent in the system is a gel which contains hydrogen peroxide as an active ingredient.

The gel is carefully applied to the teeth, while the gums and other soft tissues in the mouth are completely protected from contact with the bleaching agent. The teeth are then exposed to ultraviolet light which enables the gel to penetrate the structure of the teeth quickly, breaking down the pigments which cause discolouration.

The high concentration bleaching gel, the ultraviolet light machine and the professional application of the product, with the gums and soft tissue of the mouth protected, make this treatment far superior to at-home and other non-dentist administered whitening systems.

The efficacy and longevity of the whitening effects are above and beyond anything that can be achieved without a dentist.

Kingsgrove Dental In-Office whitening

  • Zoom by Philips
  • Pola by SDI

We are so interested in making your smile brighter that we are able to carry two different brands. You can choose which brand that you would like to have your teeth whitened with.


Home teeth whitening

We also provide a lot of home teeth whitening using customised mouth trays. Our home whitening packages include upper and lower customised bleaching trays, a 7-day syringe of Poladay (6% hydrogen peroxide gel) and also a 7-day syringe of Polanight (10% carbamide peroxide).

We have a permanent supply of both Poladay and Polanight syringes, which you can purchase from our reception at any time.

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